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Information on Modalku’s credit assessment process
Information on Modalku’s credit assessment process
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We perform credit assessment on potential borrowers to evaluate capacity and character, along with other factors such as capital, business condition, and collateral. All these factors can influence the fulfillment of repayment responsibilities of a potential borrower to lenders, based on lending agreement.

Credit assessment evaluation in Modalku uses a variety of methods that have been adjusted to a potential borrower’s business model, based on primary supporting data and secondary information obtained from the applicant borrower himself or through Modalku partners.

Quantitative and qualitative data will then be analyzed using an internally developed mechanism to identify and measure the rate of risk of each loan application. The analysis produces a decision and credit structure that will be offered to potential borrowers and lenders.

The following is a general summary of our credit assessment:

Step 1: Preliminary Analysis

- Fulfillment of required documents and information based on loan product type.

- Completion of the Know Your Customer (KYC) process using proof of identity and proof of company legality.

- Brief evaluation of company profile to avoid money laundering practices and funding of terrorist activities.

- Evaluation of a business’ credit repayment records, along with those of its management and stakeholders, provided by a credit bureau.

Step 2: Credit Analysis

- Evaluation and verification of all submitted documents.

- Analysis of a potential borrower’s financial transactions.

- Qualitative analysis of a potential borrower’s company profile

- Direct visit to business location and the home of potential borrowers (for certain products)

- Identification and mitigation of credit risk

- Arrangement of a credit structure that is in the best interests of both parties (borrowers and lenders).

If loan application is approved, results of credit analysis will be briefly summarized into a fact sheet aligned to our Modalku format. The fact sheet functions as the main source of information for prospective lenders to learn more about a loan in order to decide whether a funding opportunity is suited to their risk profile.

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