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1. What are Protected Loans?

Protected Loan is a financing product with added protection on loan principal and the funding returns of lenders, without additional fees charged on the product’s protection benefits. The product is effectively protected by Modalku’s insurance partners, Qoala/LippoInsurance.

2, What are the interest rates and tenors of Protected Loans?

Protected Loans offer simple interest rates of 8-12% p.a. and tenors of 1-24 months. For the product, maximum loan amount is IDR 200 million. Repayments are paid through monthly installments based on loan principal and interest. You can start financing Protected Loans with a minimum funding of IDR 100,000.

3. What are the benefits of Protected Loans for lenders?

The product provides advantages in diversifying your lender portfolio in Modalku, including:

- A lower risk rate thanks to effective protection from our insurance partners.

- An annual interest return rate of 8-12% from providing a minimum funding of IDR 100,000 per Loan.

4. What does the flow of protection look like in the product?

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If a borrower of a Protected Loan is facing delays in making their repayments or facing default, your funds would remain secure because they are covered by our insurance partners Qoala/LippoInsurance. Therefore, you can continue financing Indonesian MSMEs and retain consistent on-time repayments. Part of the advantage of Protected Loans is being able to maximize the returns of your funding because the product reduces possibility of default. You would be able to use your returns to fund new loans and maximize your overall returns.

5. Are my funds safer if I finance Protected Loans?

Yes, of course. Your funds would be safer, with a lower risk rate. If late repayments or loan defaults happen, our insurance partner would cover your funds.

6. Who is Modalku working with on these Protected Loans?

For our Protected Loan product specifically, we work together with our insurance partners Qoala/LippoInsurance.

7. What are the steps to follow if I want to fund Protected Loans on the Funding dashboard?

You can fund Protected Loans through the crowdfunding process on Modalku, where as a lender you would receive an email notifying you of a new crowdfunding opportunity a few hours before the process begins (Pre-Crowdfunding) and at the appointed time, you would be able to finance the loan on your Funding dashboard. Or you can finance Protected Loans by activating the Planned Funding feature to manage your financing on Modalku without disrupting your daily activities. In addition, activate the Maximum Borrower Exposure feature to optimize loan diversification.

8. What is the procedure for insurance claims on Protected Loans?

If a borrower defaults on a loan, Modalku will start an insurance claim process and ensure our best efforts to avert repayment disturbances. We want you to have a pleasant experience when financing Indonesian MSMEs.

9. How is financing Protected Loans different from other Modalku loans?

Protected Loans have the advantage of additional security should a borrower default. Your funds would remain secure, covered by our insurance partners.

10. When would I receive the returns (insurance claim funds) from Protected Loans that default?

You would receive your returns in accordance with loan repayment due dates, thanks to the effective protection of our insurance partners.

11. For Protected Loans, how much of the funds are secured?

Protection of the product encompasses loan principal and interest of up to 100%.

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