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Digisign Steps For Borrowers
Digisign Steps For Borrowers
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1. Log-in back to the Modalku website or create a new password for your Modalku account by clicking the "link" provided.

2. After you have changed your password, log-in to your Modalku account by entering the new email and password that you created.

3. Click the button "Amount of Loan Proposed", then enter the "List of Loans".

4. Select the loan offer code that you want. After that, click the "View Offer" button.

5. After the “Loan Details” dialog box appears, you can download the agreement letter file.

6. Review the agreement letter, then click the "Agree" button to sign it.

7. If you are new to Digisign, you will be asked to create a new password.

8. If the new password for your Digisign account has been created successfully, you can click the “Close” button.

9. Click the "Process" button (on the top right corner).

10. A “Statement” dialog box will appear to verify your identity.

11. After that, click "Send OTP" to receive an SMS message containing the OTP code on your phone. Enter the code in the "OTP Code" column.

12. After that, enter the Digisign account password that you created in step 7.

13. Check the box for the statement "I agree to sign this document."

14. Click the "Agree" button to process your loan signature.

15. Exit the dialog box by clicking the exit button (X) in the upper left corner.

16. Signature process was successful.

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