• Pre-CF (Will Soon Begin): Status before crowdfunding process starts. At this stage, lenders can evaluate borrower fact sheets.

  • Funding (Crowdfunding Now): Crowdfunding is ongoing. Lenders can manually fund loans.

  • Fun-success (Complete): Crowdfunding is a success and has completed.

  • Funding Transition: Transition period between Fun-Success and Disburse Request (see below)

  • Disburse Request: Loan disbursement request, processing approval and fund disbursement.

  • Lending in Progress: Disburse Request, processing approval and fund disbursement (definition of this status is the same as Disburse Request. This status is only for Modalku app).

  • Set-Ongoing: Funds have been disbursed and loan is ongoing. Lenders are currently waiting for loan repayments from borrower.

  • Set-Complete: Funds that have been fully repaid by the Borrower.

  • Set-Default: Funds that have not received loan installment repayment from the Borrower for more than 90 days.

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