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Understanding your portfolio
Understanding your portfolio
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The terms and numbers you see on your portfolio can be misunderstood or misinterpreted. Here, we hope to clarify it for you:

  • Total Fund Transfer: Total amount of funds you have transferred to your Modalku account

  • Total Fund Withdrawal: Total amount of funds you have requested to withdraw, including fund withdrawals currently in process

  • Total Lending: Cumulative total of your lending (includes total amount of funding interests refinanced to new loans)

  • Lending Returns: Comprises total interest, late repayment fees, and early repayment interests received from all funded loans

  • Received Bonuses: from cashback and promotional campaigns

  • Service Fees: Total amount of service fees

  • Nett Income: Lending Interests + Received Bonuses – Service Fees

  • Funded Loans: Total amount of loans you have funded (excludes loans currently in the crowdfunding process)

  • Ongoing Loans: Number of loans on your portfolio that has not been completely repaid and excludes defaulted loans

  • Estimated return rate: Total interest received up to today

  • Annual portfolio performance (p.a.): Ratio of average annual returns against amount of loans you have funded (reduced by proportion of loan principal that has defaulted)

  • Unpaid loans (this month): Total loans with repayments due at the end of the month

  • Estimated returns (this month): Expectation of total principal, interest, and early repayment for this month

  • Unpaid principal: Total ongoing funding in loan principal that has not been fully repaid

  • Defaulted principal: Total amount of your funding principal in defaulted loans

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