How to transfer funds
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You can make your first fund transfer according to the funding you want or according to our minimum funding of IDR 100,000.

Details on your escrow bank account can be viewed on the “Fund Transfer” menu, which can be accessed by simply clicking the Modalku logo at the top of the web page. We have 3 virtual account options for fund transfers, via Bank Sinarmas, Bank Central Asia (BCA) and/or Bank Negara Indonesia (BNI). If you are using a bank other than BCA, please transfer funds using your Sinarmas and BNI virtual account. And for Lenders who have BNI Mobile Banking, please don't transfer funds to an RDL account, transfer funds only to a Virtual Account.

Confirmation on fund transfers depends on the option you choose. If you use a BCA virtual account, funds will be automatically confirmed on your account. If you are using a Sinarmas virtual account, confirmation time is 30 minutes – 3 hours.

You can transfer funds from any bank account; it doesn’t have to be from the account you registered with us. However, for withdrawal requests, we can only transfer funds to registered accounts.

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