Can I change my bank account?
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Let us know if you would like to change the bank account registered to your Modalku account so there wouldn’t be any delays when withdrawing funds.

When you first registered to be a Modalku lender, you were required to submit information about your bank account. You can change it anytime by sending us an email at or by contacting our Live Chat using the email address registered to your Modalku account.

For security and verification purposes, we will send you a form to fill. Add your name, your new bank account number, along with the name of the bank and details of the branch office. We will transfer funds to the updated bank account the next time you submit a withdrawal request.

If you’d like to register more than one bank account to your Modalku account, you must select one main (default) account to receive funds from all your withdrawal requests. You can transfer funds from any bank account you’ve registered on our platform. But please note that adding several bank accounts would require a written statement.

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