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Maintaining a healthy account balance
Maintaining a healthy account balance
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By sustaining enough funds on your account, you would never miss any attractive lending opportunities.

A borrower who is applying for short-term financing needs funds quickly. This is what differentiates MSME Financing Platform platforms with conventional financial institutions.

It takes time for borrowers to apply for a loan, for us to perform credit assessment, for loan approval, and for disbursement of funds to the borrower. The process can take several days.

The time it takes for a borrower to accept a loan offer varies, but once the borrower accepts, our team will immediately publish a fact sheet and send it to our lenders. We try our best to provide a fact sheet for lenders 3 hours before crowdfunding starts at the latest.

To avoid last-minute fund transfers or missing out on lending opportunities because there aren’t enough funds on your account, we highly recommend that our lenders maintain a healthy amount of funds on their Modalku account. This would also maximize the interests you would receive from our Planned Funding feature.

Example: For lenders who allocate between Rp 100.000 – Rp 500.000,- per loan, we recommend retaining Rp 2 – 10 million on your Modalku account at all times to ensure you have enough funds at your disposal whenever you find an attractive funding opportunity that suits your preferences.

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