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What is the expected interest from my lending activities?
What is the expected interest from my lending activities?
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Total interests vary for each lender, depending on several factors, including market condition, choice of funded loans, amount of alternative investments, level of diversification, etc.

The value of your received interest interests can be calculated using the following formula:

Income (nett.): [loan principal x interest rate (pro-rated, per annum) – [3% service fees (pro-rated, based on tenor)]

(The formula above does not factor in default)

The loans we approve have a simple interest rate of 10%-24% per year. Loan interests correspond to its product category; some loans are repaid in installments and others through a one-off repayment. Lenders are advised to use their loan interests to refinance new loans in order to maximize potential interests.

Keeping default rate to a minimum is key to retaining positive interest rates despite credit risk. We strive to improve our process by continually researching, testing, and updating our Scoring Grade.

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