Our Scoring Grade system uses a risk-based approach to determine loan interest rates for each of our borrowers. We offer loans only if we are certain an applicant has the capacity and will to repay his/her loan. Of all MSME applicants we consider creditworthy, some would be able to repay their loans regardless of market conditions. Others are more prone to market changes. To compensate, we place a higher interest rate on loans we consider higher risk.

On our platform, lender interests are calculated through flat (simple) interest rates as it is more transparent and easier to calculate and comprehend. However, as a comparison of lender monthly repayments, we also offer information for effective interest rates.


Loan principal: Rp 10 million

Loan tenor: 12 months

Interest rate: Effective 21,5% (flat 12%)

Total interests: Rp. 10.000.000 * 12% = Rp. 11.200.000,-

Total monthly interests: Rp. 933.333,-

Flat interest rates are used to determine the composition of loan principal and interest in each repayment (note: calculation does not factor in default risk and has not included service fees).

The effective interest method is calculated using monthly interest repayment, based on remaining loan amount.

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