What is a RDL account?
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To support the Financial Services Authority’s (OJK’s) policy regarding the regulation of crowdfunding public funds (which will soon be launched), Modalku (PT. Mitrausaha Indonesia Grup) has collaborated with Our Bank Partner to introduce a special savings account for lenders of the MSME Financing Platform, with the name Lender Funds Account (Rekening Dana Lender or RDL for short).

The accounts are a form of our commitment as a MSME financing platform to continuously comply with all stipulations of crowdfunding regulations.

Therefore, if the funds you have transferred for the purpose of lending alternative investments on our platform is idle and/or is not being crowdfunded for loan funding on our platform, then the funds would be stored in a RDL account under your name in Our Bank Partner.

The Savings Account RDL Our Bank Partner is under the customer’s name, with the following conditions:

  1. No ATM / Debit Card facility is provided.

  2. No monthly administration fee and 0% / year deposit interest.

  3. Operation of the Lender Fund Account (RDL) is authorized by Modalku (PT Mitrausaha Indonesia Group)

Opening a Modalku RDL account in Our Bank Partner means you have authorized Modalku to operate your Modalku RDL account with limitations of interest only on settlement of lending services based on technology transactions or more commonly known as MSME financing platform lending through Modalku’s platform, with the following categories: book entry, transfer, and reception of funding interest from/to RDLs.

Your data shall be provided to Our Bank Partner from Modalku as MSME Financing platform manager. To continue, Our Bank Partner will:

  1. Directly contact you to confirm the opening of a Lender Account (RDL).

  2. Schedule an appointment for the signing of account opening forms and the Know Your Customer (KYC) process.

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