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Are there any preventative measures I can do as a user to mitigate risk?
Are there any preventative measures I can do as a user to mitigate risk?
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Users are advised to take the following measures to increase their account security:

  1. Install antivirus, antispyware, and firewall softwares on your personal computers and mobile devices.

  2. Regularly update operating systems, antivirus software, and firewall products with their newest versions.

  3. Turn off file and printer sharing connections on your computer, especially if your devices are connected to the Internet.

  4. Back up your data regularly.

  5. Whenever you can, opt for encrypted technology to protect sensitive or confidential information.

  6. Always log out of your account after an online session.

  7. Clean your browser cache after each online session.

  8. Don’t install or run any unfamiliar software or programs.

  9. Delete junk or spam emails

  10. Do not open email attachments from a party you don’t know.

  11. Do not reveal any personal, financial, or credit card information to unknown or suspicious websites.

  12. Do not use any suspicious computers or devices.

  13. Do not use any public computers or devices, such as in a coffee shop or Internet café, to access online accounts or execute any financial transactions.

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