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Encrypting confidential email attachment
Encrypting confidential email attachment
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Why do I need to encrypt documents?

For various purposes, you might be required to send confidential documents to Funding Societies via email. Examples of confidential documents are contracts, agreements, and bank statements.

To prevent these documents from being leaked to unintended recipients, we advise you to encrypt the documents before you attach them, and send the encryption password in a separate email. Recipients need to have access to two emails:

  1. One that contains the encrypted documents, and

  2. The other that contains the encryption password

before they can read the confidential documents.

How do I encrypt documents?

While there are various approaches you can use to encrypt documents, we recommend you to use file compression software to package the files into a single ZIP file and then protect the ZIP file with a password. You can then attach the ZIP file, instead of the original documents, to the email.

The following are steps you can follow to encrypt documents on a Windows machine using 7-Zip. The instruction is similar if you use other software or operating system.

  1. Open File Explorer, and go to the folder where the files you want to attach to the email are located.

  2. Select the files, and right-click.

  3. Select 7-Zip > Add to archive…

  4. Specify the name you would like to give the ZIP file under Archive, specify the password under Enter password: and again under Reenter password:, and then click OK.

  5. Once 7-Zip finishes creating the ZIP file, it will automatically close.

  6. The ZIP file will be created in the same folder where the attachment files are located.

Follow the guidelines provided in How Do I Create a Strong Password? to specify a strong password for the ZIP file.

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