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We are aware of emails and social media scams disguised as legitimate business outreach. Scammers are targeting Funding Societies’ potential clients by tricking them into accessing fake websites and/or social media platforms to make deposits or to provide sensitive personal information.

Modalku is actively working with the authorities to take down such phishing sites.

If you suspect you have received such emails or messages through social media, please do not respond to it or click any links. Read more below to find out how to verify the authenticity of our communications.

Scam sites/websites are illegitimate Internet websites that scammers use to conduct fraudulent activities. Generally, these websites are replicas of popular brands, organisations, or companies that are on the scammers' target list.

How to identify fake websites?

1. Pay attention to the address bar

Make sure that the website address begins with https://.

If you still have doubts about the site (as https:// alone in the site address doesn’t guarantee security of the website), you can run a check using Google’s Safe Browsing:

2. Domain Name and Domain Age

Check the domain name and domain age of the site. Scammers generally use a similar naming pattern or look-alike domain name of the targeted companies/organisations. They often use .net or .org at the end of the address as these are less commonly used.

If you need to check details about the domain, please use It gives you information about who a domain name is registered to, where they are, and how long the website has been active.

3. Poor Grammar and Spelling, and Basic Web Design

Scammers generally use poor grammar, spelling, and basic web design while creating the scam websites. Generally, there will be fewer webpages as compared to the legitimate site’s pages.

4. Check Site Contact Information

Do check the About us, Contact, and Help pages on the site:

5. Go Beyond the Usual Internet Search and Check Reviews

Search for reviews about the site in Google and check the reviews shared in various forums:

Reminder :

Please download our official mobile app only from the Google Play Store / Apple App Store.

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