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Domain name scams are an ongoing concern as scammers are using look-alike scam domain names to create phishing websites, which can be hard to distinguish from our legitimate domains.

How scammers go about creating scam domains?

  • Using look-alike domain name patterns. e.g. misspelling of company name in the URL address

  • Registering the scam domain as a similar company name domain.

  • Using an insecure communication connection.

How do stay safe from scam domains?

If you receive a domain name/website link purporting to be us:

  • Be mindful of the source: Be alert and check the source from where you received the website link.

  • Do an Internet search: Search for the domain name on Google or other reputed search engines to see information related to it.

  • Ensure secure connection: While browsing the domain name/website link, check the padlock icon in the address bar for the website.

If the browser shows “Connection is secure,” it means the connection to the site is safe:

  • If, on the other hand, the browser shows "Connection is not secure," it means the connection to the site is not safe and you must not proceed when the browser asks you if you want to proceed to the site. Do NOT click on the “Proceed to <ABC>.com site” message.

  • Check the site’s SSL certificate: Click on the “Certificate is valid” in the pop-up and check the SSL certificate information.

  • Look for the site’s reviews: Search for the domain name reviews on Google or other reputed search engines, and check the reviews to see if someone has reported the same domain as fraudulent.

“Don’t be in a hurry to become another victim of these scam sites. Please check the domain name properly to ensure its legitimacy before interacting with the website. If you are suspicious about the legitimacy of the website or encounter such scam sites, please report to us via our official channels.”

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