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Scams : Information You Should Know
Be Aware of Social Media Approaches
Be Aware of Social Media Approaches
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In the age of social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and others, social media has become a major part of our lives. Through this enormous platform, scammers have another easy way to target people and companies. But with a bit of care, it is easy to identify scammers' methods and stay on guard. Consider the following points carefully before taking the NEXT STEP :

1. Check the company’s official website to know which all social media platforms they are using:

2. Check out the company’s details… Search online for the company’s name plus “scam” or “complaint”:

3. Beware of fake social media accounts and pages!

Check through the information presented on social media accounts and pages twice before deciding whether it is legit or not.

4. Avoid links that claim to be providing instant loans with the submission of few details or getting you extremely high returns on your investment.

Use your judgment: If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is!

5. Sometimes, scammers set up fake accounts on social media platforms using publicly available photographs of people and/or targeted companies. Determine the fake nature of the account or connection by checking how many people are connected with them, what they have posted, how they are connected with you, whether it makes any sense to you, etc.

6. Do not share your personal information on any social media platform as legitimate companies will not ask you to do so.

You might see many FAKE profiles/accounts/pages on LinkedIn, Facebook, Telegram, Instagram, etc. claiming to be Funding Societies | Modalku.

Please do not respond to them, and if you have any doubts and/or concerns, please contact us via the details available on our official website.

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